Behavior Plan

Porter/Mullins Classroom Discipline Plan

The following Dojo point system will be in effect for the 2022-2023 school year. We encourage you to sign up for Class Dojo on the sheet provided to you at Open House, and make sure you keep the app updated on a regular basis to ensure that you are receiving regular communication with your child’s teacher. Points are shared between classes, so these are cumulative totals for negative behaviors. The purpose of the Class Dojo system is to create a POSITIVE classroom environment, and to encourage your child to exhibit positive behavior throughout the day, Positive points and behaviors are rewarded weekly based on the teacher’s reward system. Please understand that negative behaviors impede the learning of others, especially your child, and we want to make this system as fair as possible for everyone, this system has been agreed upon by the teachers and administration, and it will be fully enforced beginning August 10, 2022.

Each student will begin the week with 5 green points.  We will give a verbal warning prior to deducting any behavior points.  If the verbal warning does not work, we will begin deducting points.


1 point lost – Teacher will review classroom expectations with student.

2 points lost – silent snack beginning on the day 2 red points are received through Friday.

3 points lost – silent lunch beginning on the day 3 red points are received through Friday.

4 points lost– no Fun Friday and parent contact via conduct sheet for documentation.

5 points lost – office referral

          This has been very effective for students and results in positive behavior, better attention, responsibility, and more successful students.